Hatchworks (spectre.ai) — Using My Ether Wallet (MEW) to participate in Spectre.ai token sale.

It’s important to know how and what to do to participate in the Spectre.ai token sale, so I decided to write this article just to address that. In the article, you will find essential information about the token Public Sale and also token purchase instructions from start to finish, with the consideration that you have already registered for the Public Sale on Spectre.ai website.

In order to participate in the token sale, you will need to have ETH available in your wallet. If you do not have the necessary ETH available, you can purchase the required amount from Cryptocurrency exchanges like Poloniex, Kraken and Coinbase. Basic KYC will be active and you will be required to send your ID card. The token sale is strictly closed to U.S citizens and technical measures have been taken to ensure U.S citizens do not subvert our T&Cs and technical blocks and contribute.

One will need to register for the Public Sale before gaining access to the Token Sale portal which is the only place to find the Spectre.ai token sale contribution ETH address.

It’s important to note the following regarding the dates of the Public Sale:
*Token Sale starts on the 17th of November 2017 at 12:00pm (noon) GMT.
*Token Sale ends on the 10th of December 2017 at 11:59:59am GMT.
*If the user logs in before the token sale has started, they will not see the Spectre.ai official contribution ETH address — this will be made visible as soon as the token sale initiates.

It’s important to note the following so that you receive the tokens for your ETH contribution:

*The only place to find the ETH contribution address is inside the token sale portal on Spectre.ai . There are many sites and ads that will try to scam you, so please bookmark spectre.ai on your browser.
*The last 4 digits of the ETH address will be available inside Telegram, our Facebook page and our Twitter account. Always double check this before submitting a contribution.
*Do not make a contribution form an exchange ETH address or from a wallet of questionable reputation. MyEtherWallet, Metamask and Mist are the best options, with the former 2 being the faster ones to set up. A hardware wallet is also an option.
*Minimum contribution is 1.00 ETH.
*Users may contribute any amount (1.00 ETH minimum still applies) regardless of the pledged contribution amount defined during their registration.

In addition to the above, here is some essential information about the tokens:
*Upon contribution, the user will receive “Stem tokens” within a few minutes and these will appear in their ETH wallets they used for the contribution. Corresponding bonus will appear along with, and in the form of the “Stem tokens”. Please note that the users might need to manually add the custom tokens to their wallets.
*The “Stem tokens” will not be transferable until the end of the Public Sale on the 10th of December.
*The “Stem tokens” will become transferable shortly after of the Public Sale. Instructions on how to exchange them will be available inside the token sale portal right after the end of the token sale.
After the end of the Public Sale, users will have 28 days to convert their “Stem tokens” to either Dividend or Utility tokens, depending on their preference. Any unconverted “Stem tokens” will automatically become Dividend or Utility tokens, meaning they will not be lost.
*Spectre Stem token’s symbol is SXS2
Spectre Utility Token’s symbol is SXUT
Spectre Dividend Token’s symbol is SXDT

Step 1
Go to https://myetherwallet.com.

Step 2
Enter a password to create a new wallet.

Step 3
Download the Keystore File and click Continue. (This is one of the available options to create and access your wallet. You may select whichever works best for you)

Step 4
You will find your Private Key here. Please take a note of it.

Step 5
Click on Send Ether & Tokens.

Step 6
Select Keystore File on the left and click on Select Wallet File. Find the Keystore File you saved and open it.

Step 7
Enter your password and click Unlock.

Step 8
Log in to https://tokensale.spectre.ai

Step 9
the ETH address shown inside the portal.

Step 10
Enter the token sale ETH address, amount that you pledged to contribute and set the Gas Limit to 200000 (two hundred thousand). Click on Generate Transaction.

Step 11
Click on Send Transaction.

Step 12
the details of the transaction and click on Yes, I am Sure! Make Transaction.

Step 13
To see your token balance on your My Ether Wallet account, you need to add it. Click on View Wallet Info at the top. You may need to log in again.

Step 14
Select Add Custom Token on the bottom right of the page.

Step 15
Add Spectre.ai contribution ETH address (you will find this from https://tokensale.spectre.ai portal) to the Token Contract Address field. Add SXS2 to token symbol. Set Decimals to 18. Select Save.

Step 16
Select Load Token Balances, if your token balances are not already showing.

Step 17
You will now be able to see your token balance.

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