Spectre Results Q2 (Year 4)

We have now published our performance results for the second quarter (July to September 2021) of our fourth financial year (2021/22). Overall the group saw a satisfactory quarter, reaching an all-time-high in SXDT rewards paid out ($259,650 — up 16% quarter on quarter) driven by better performance in the group’s investing and trading activities along with an increase in profitability of the DALP’s market making operations; beating the previous quarter and Q2 of last financial year as well.

This growth came, despite an ongoing tapering of volumes being traded on Spectre.ai, as volumes generated came in at $3,300,630 (down -17% vs the previous quarter). Partially this decline was driven by the culling of non-performing credit-card payment service providers resulting in less deposit venues for traders (but better profitability for the DALP owing to less fraudulent chargebacks) and certain larger traders who had been trading in the earlier part of the year, pausing or reducing their trading activities.

In context, as the recovery from the pandemic continues, there has also been a general cooling-off seen at major brokerages, as pandemic-driven trading increases start to fade and traders on the platform trade lower trade sizes, along with taking on less risk.

The number of active users, however, remained broadly similar to the previous quarter and registrations continue to rise.

Y4 Q2 Full Results:

  • The total number of traders by the end of this quarter rose to 8,744, up from 7,721 at the end of the previous quarter.

Significant strides forward were made by spectre.ai this previous quarter on the technology side as the platform now performs 50% quicker across all devices; something that has been reflected in user and affiliate feedback. Further improvements continue to the mobile platform.

Next quarter, significant asset rollouts will continue taking the total asset offering close to 200 assets within digital contracts, well ahead of competition. The platform 2.0 (with lighter charts) will go live Q3 resulting in an even quicker experience than currently on both desktop and mobile app.

Last but not least, after over a year of research and as promised in the roadmap in 2017, the group will be partnering with a major regulated CIF liquidity provider to bring traditional equities, forex, indices, crypto and other assets to spectre.ai, thereby dramatically increasing the scope of the platform and allowing traders to buy and sell close to 2,000 assets with and without leverage (along with trading over 200 digital contracts on the side).

This capital intensive A-Book integration will be, in part made possible by the Blitz campaign and should begin in January of 2022 seeing Spectre.ai appear on the landscape as an integrated broker alongside Robinhood, Interactive Brokers, Kraken, Coinbase and other majors. Business development head Khalik Pratama stated “Spectre.ai is developing into a rare broker; one that offers digital contracts allowing traders to make high returns within seconds without leverage, but in addition, a wide array of assets across asset classes with leverage ranges of 10–50, being able to take long term investments.”

Spectre.ai’s head of investor relations Ian Buck stated “A-Book trading has been the final frontier for Spectre’s roadmap journey and really completes the product range, along with increasing its total addressable market.”

Elsewhere, SkillGaming partnered with multiple crypto projects in the previous quarter generating over 300,000 plays across 5 games and it’s maiden B2B revenues (c. $6,000) as it designed custom games for a range of communities. This angle will be explored once the mobile app launches in Q3 of this year, further. Karen Yap, head of Skillgaming stated “We’re thrilled to have been approached by these projects to explore ways SkillGaming can empower them to bring their communities together. There are 100s of thousands of companies and projects around the world that can partner with SG and it will be our goal to incorporate this message in our upcoming outreach.”

The firm will be holding a strategic webinar in October to discuss the results of the second quarter of 2021/22, the developments that took place during this period and other items on the future of other projects (eg. Phoenix, SPX-DART) within the wider umbrella.

Regulatory Notice: Spectre.ai is strictly closed to U.S citizens. Trading and investing involves high risk and you can lose all your money.



Heading up the group’s R&D activities for Hatchworks.

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