Spectre Exchange to become global LP for Beyond Oil

  • Launch of DART: calendar Q1 2022 launch is expected with a DART IEO simultaneously. The DART roadshow begins in October 2021.
    Executed entirely via smart contracts, the DART token is the world’s first true IoT driven resource and distribution token specifically for energy and commodity markets. Operating on-chain, the DART will allow producers and operators of various energy-based projects to connect in a transparent way, with audited production posted on the immutable DART platform. The margins (profits) from this production are then calculated and distributed to all DART holders via the built in Smart Contract. It is issued by Beyond Oil, not Spectre Exchange.
  • Spectre Exchange (SPX) — Level 1 Liquidity Provider (LP): Estimated launch January 2022.
    SPX will be the first regulated liquidity provider for primary and secondary market sales of DART. By offering DART on SPX, the tokens will be available both in a primary market and the strictly peer-to-peer secondary market. The Beyond Oil™ team are delighted to partner with SPX on this process, and SPX will become the only provider of liquidity on an exclusive relationship.
  • DART Marketing: Q4 2021 onwards.
    Beyond Oil™ will be doing a significant marketing drive for DART, starting later this year and throughout next. This will boost flow to SPX and underpin natural growth from users who will learn about other listings on the exchange. This will also create a market for primary and secondary market sales of the DART. As always, a portion of these will be circulated back to SXDT holders.
  • Rewards Interface: Q1 2022.
    A discussion on how the rewards interface will work for DART holders. Hatchworks will lend its technical expertise pertaining to rewards distribution, security and smart contracts to the DART team.
  • Technology: Q1 2022.
    A discussion on the technology to be provided to the influencers for the Solar Oil project.




Heading up the group’s R&D activities for Hatchworks.

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Oto Suvari

Oto Suvari

Heading up the group’s R&D activities for Hatchworks.

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