Spectre.ai completes second year

Spectre.ai, the Asian digital contracts financial trading firm, has delivered another satisfactory quarter of user growth in Q4 of Y2 — January to March 2020 — and overall a satisfactory year in terms of both performance and product development. The final quarter, Q4, was unfazed by the Covid-19 crisis and volumes continue to hold steady.

Spectre.ai was launched as the world’s first broker-less trading platform. In other words, it used smart contracts built on the Ethereum blockchain to enable trading against the DALP (liquidity pool). However, with the ongoing turbulence and decline in both Ethereum prices and the blockchain sector in general, a decision was made early on in year 2 to transition to fiat-based currency and allow for regular accounts as well. As a consequence, the base currency on the platform is now USD and the decision has proved to be a successful one, as the figures below reveal.

Results Figures:

  • Active traders by the end of Y2 was 3,256, with 1,181 of these active within Q4 of Y2. This compares to 536, 409 and 737 for Q1, Q2 and Q3 respectively.
  • Number of registrations has, by the end of Y2, surpassed 36,000 (actual number of registrations in Q4 alone being nearly 6,000. By comparison, in Q1 of Y2 the figure was less than 2,000).
  • Volume traded during Q4 — $3,513,655
    This figure compares to $1,817,324 for same period year-on-year. This performance was driven by growth in Africa, Russia, Asia and other non operating volumes.
  • Volume traded since launch — $14,714,110
  • SXDT Rewards paid out in Q4 of Y2 — $172,568
    The total year end special reward to be paid to SXDT token holders will be announced in May and will be paid out at the end of May 2020.

At the time of writing, our two ERC-20 tokens sit at $0.146 (SXDT) and $0.067 (SXUT). The tokens have outperformed the underlying market and, in an industry where there has been lots of fails and wind-downs, Spectre’s growth stands out among the crowd.

On January 29th 2020, the management team retired 153,798 SXUT tokens in-line with mandate. This retirement program continues unabated fuelled by the successful and monetised launch of Traders Bay.

Throughout Y2, Spectre has continued to strive for high professionalism in all facets of the firm, with considerable product development never ceasing, ensuring many roadmap items have been delivered on or ahead of schedule.

In the last quarter alone this has included:

● Mobile app (Android devices) for on-the-go trading

● A full-service Hyper-API to automate trading and allow developers to build automated strategy robots, applications and interfaces

● Launch of Trader’s Bay, an exclusive online store for exciting upgrades and privileges

● Increase of payouts: up to 400% depending on chosen asset

● Multiple deposit and withdrawal methods

Moving into Y3, focus turns more from product development to marketing. The main source of attracting new clients will continue to be Spectre’s exciting and lucrative affiliate program and to that end a fully upgraded affiliate portal is due to be launched very soon. What differentiates Spectre.ai’s affiliate program when compared to competition is that affiliates are compensated on volumes and not losses. Once fully implemented this will offer numerous improved marketing resources to help affiliates maximize the potential of their traffic.

In addition, Spectre.ai’s developer program is in a league of it’s own as developers earn on trades entered via their automated trading bots, when clients win. This incentivises both affiliates and developers to promote winning strategies and encourage risk management.

Combined with the numerous products and features added to the platform in recent months — many exclusive and unique — the team are confident in another solid year ahead. Detailed guidance will be issued towards the end of 2020.

A FY conference call will be combined with a remote AGM this year in May; details of which will be circulated shortly.

Regulatory Notice: Spectre.ai is strictly closed to U.S citizens. Trading and investing involves high risk and you can lose all your money.

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