The team is pleased to announce the formalisation of its 1.5 year- long investment activities as Hatchworks, the team’s in-house venture firm and incubator as a standalone. Being co-powered by the DALP (decentralised autonomous liquidity pool), team and private investors, the gains on investments which have thus far largely been channeled to the DALP and SXDT token holders, will now seek to expand its capital base and accelerate its investment program across all stages of investing resulting in an expansion of the DALP and acceleration of long term growth (incubation only), (rebranded to and select other portfolio projects such as HODL Vault and Phoenix.

Hatchworks, since December 2017, has invested a total of $4m and generated a DALP return of c. 12% with underlying markets having generated anywhere from 0%-7%. It is currently amidst its long term investment plan with a similar amount yet to be parked across various private and public non-correlated assets. Hatchworks’ investment mandate spans sectors and regions, allowing it to truly diversify and participate in uncorrelated growth.

“While Western markets have saturated and investors need game-changing ideas to truly scale their company, entrepreneurs in developing markets in parts of Africa, Asia and Latin-America can still address market inefficiencies for above-market returns.” said investment committee member Jaap Spreeuwenberg.

By leveraging off of key strategic positions its investment committee holds at major, regulated multi-billion dollar asset managers such as MFO Asset Management Ltd (amongst others), Hatchworks receives access to lucrative early-stage deal flow allowing it to co-invest with major venture capital firms, thereby being positioning the firm well in key thematically attractive sectors such as AI, Big-data, AR/VR, IOT, Gaming, Trading and others.

Operations Committee member Karen Yap, who assists in both monitoring and scaling of Hatchworks’ gaming portfolio stated

“Large growth opportunities exist in gaming and other sectors and we continue to be on the lookout for strategic fits that enhance the growth of the group’s key portfolio assets.”

By opening up this internal, proprietary process in the form of Hatchnet to the masses, Hatchworks is disrupting the venture capital sector by allowing every day people to obtain key insight to deal flow they normally would only obtain at later stages of investing (i.e IPO).

Hatchnet, the early-alpha of the group’s internal due diligence portal which benchmarks, across a range of quantitative and qualitative criteria, all portfolio assets (and those that didn’t make the cut), is already available to the masses.

To expand its capital base further, Hatchworks will be commencing a multi-initial-exchange-offering (IEO) at key strategic exchanges, all with the aim of expanding its capital base. This will happen over the remainder of 2019 (Update: This was completed with a $200,000 internally funded raise). The token to be issued will be a utility token known as HATCHTOKEN and allow various degrees of access to Hatchnet’s growing library of investment targets. It will also allow access to a series of regulated Hatchfunds, future funds that focus on yielding and unicorn assets.

“We are pleased to continue to situate the DALP and firm into a range of high growth, transformational sectors and will be able to participate with more interest and with with a wider berth right from seed-stage investments all the way through to Series A-D deals” , said investment committee member Ho Kiang San.

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Disclaimer: This press release is not a solicitation to invest in either SXDT, SXUT or HATCHTOKEN. It is not intended to attract any investors from but merely serves as a mandatory disclosure of activities in the group.’s SXDT and SXUT tokens are strictly closed to U.S investors. Hatchwork’s upcoming initial-exchange-offering (IEO) is closed to U.S investors as well.(Update: This was completed with a $200,000 internally funded raise).

Full disclosure: is a financial trading platform run out of Indonesia and St. Vincent and Grenadines for the Asian market. It has on the ground marketing, technical and customer support staff in Indonesia. Hatchworks owns no direct stake in The term ‘portfolio’ company can be used to indicate companies where Hatchworks has direct investments in, or assists in incubation but has no investment in them.

Heading up the group’s R&D activities for Hatchworks.