Phoenix to power JEDSTAR’s liquidity mining ambitions

Oto Suvari
4 min readMar 7, 2023


Phoenix is a highly secure, downloadable app for your PC or Mac that allows you to participate in the global trade of top decentralised currencies as a market maker, and earn real-time yield in USDC. Liquidity mining is a complex task, requiring a solid understanding of smart contracts, technical analysis, fundamental analysis (including key macroeconomic data points) and risk management. Phoenix takes care of this for you, so you can earn passively.

Now, Jedstar ($JED, $0.0529, +1%) is bringing liquidity mining to their community using Phoenix’ algorithms. This means, their community, using the JEDMINE app, will be able to participate in the global trade of top decentralised assets and become a market maker, earning anywhere between 10–50% USDC yield a year.

CEO of Jedstar token stated “Liquidity mining is a risk-adjusted way to extract cash yield without relying on risky staking programs, in crypto. The yields are better and safer and importantly, it’s a real source of revenue.”

Instead of speculative trading which carries excessive risks, earn like a broker, by becoming a global liquidity provider

Phoenix empowers you and your capital by placing it on the global liquidity frontier and gives you a piece of the action. Earn fees every minute as you participate as a liquidity provider in a multi-billion-dollar crypto market, using a range of decentralised exchanges (DEX), at the touch of a button. Earn in falling, ranging or rising markets. No lockup periods, withdrawals processed in real-time. While you can do this as a private investor, if you are a community owner, you can bring this service in your own state of the art Mac OS and PC app, in a fully white-labelled format. Simply contact to explore our white label solutions in liquidity mining.

Real time yield generation backed by a real source of global revenues

Unfortunately, the crypto sector continues to suffer from trust issues and bad actors. With the downfall of major stable coins, exchanges and staking programs in 2022, traders and investors alike continue to search for real and reliable sources of cash-yield.

​Inflation continues to erode the value of stagnant capital, at almost 8% a year. Beating it, safely, is a priority. Phoenix has been carefully designed as an industrial strength Mac and PC app that parks your capital on the global liquidity frontier for top, highly liquid decentralised assets such as USDC, Ethereum, Bitcoin and others and makes you into a market maker.

​Depending on the risk-tier you choose, you can earn from 10%-50% USDC cash yield, every year. Fees earned accumulate every minute in real time and you can withdraw your capital and fees at any time. Your exposure is to the prices of top cryptos, however this price exposure can be hedged using our solutions, as well.

It is no surprise that between 70–95% of retail traders lose money, whether in crypto or outside it. Regardless of the underlying asset they are investing in, be it CFDs, common shares, FX, bonds, ETFs, tokens or others, speculative trading is hard work. Being consistently more right (than wrong) requires incredible discipline, a continuously adaptive strategy that changes as and when markets do and strict emotional discipline. Brokers will regularly stop hunt and change spread on traders, lure them in with excessive leverage and do what is necessary to ensure the house wins.​

On top of that, counter-party risks always exist and nowhere is this more apparent than in the crypto space where disasters such as Celsius, FTX, Luna and others show that your money simply isn’t safe, unless it is parked in decentralised smart contracts — and even then — bad actors can govern outcomes.

The Solution

The Phoenix project upends passive investing on many fronts. Our app makes you the broker, in a globally audited multi-billion-dollar market where thousands of traders and investors use hundreds of decentralised exchanges to transact in top cryptos such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC and more.

​Each transaction that happens is on-chain and you earn a fractional fee every minute. This is the case whether markets are rising or falling. In fact, in periods of market distress, fees may rise exponentially, as volumes increase substantially. This is what makes Phoenix’ liquidity mining unique as all of this happens at the touch of a button.

​Unlike other yield programs, there are no lockups or restrictions. Both your capital and fees can be withdrawn within hours. Therefore, there is no counter-party risk.

Phoenix is powered by regulated exchange, Spectre Exchange and advised by Hatchworks VC. Contact



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