How to claim Rewards on the updated Spectre Rewards Portal?

Oto Suvari
5 min readJun 14, 2021


This is a guide how to claim rewards from the updated (June 2021) Rewards Portal and contains the following points:
1) Register an account
2) Submit KYC
3) Claim rewards — start with this step if you have previously claimed rewards
4) Rewards history

1) Register an account

If you already have an account, you can skip this step.

1.1) In order to register an account on the Spectre Rewards Portal, you need to access the registration page by following this link:

1.2) On the registration page, please fill out all the required fields. Don’t forget to read through the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy and hit the button on the right if you agree. Click Sign Up to create an account.

1.3) You will receive an email with the account activation link. Please check your Spam filter and Junk email as well. If you haven’t received the email, select Click here to resend the activation email.

1.4) Click on the activation link in the email.

1.5) After account activation, you may use the shortcut to continue to log in.

1.6) Enter your account login details and click Login to continue.

1.7) Read through the important details presented to you and click Accept if you accept or Logout if you don’t.

2) Submit KYC

If you have already submitted KYC, you can skip this step.

2.1) In the Claim your rewards section at the top, click the here button to start the KYC process.

2.2) Fill out your details and click Next.

2.3) Fill out your ID document details and click Next.

2.4) Fill out your address details and click Next.

2.5) Click to upload your documents.

2.6) Click Finalize to finish the submission of your KYC application.

2.7) Click Close to return to the Rewards Portal.

3) Claim rewards

Go to step 3.4) if you already have your SXDT token holding ETH address registered on your Rewards Portal account.

3.1) Click on Add ETH Address in the ETH Wallet Details section to add your SXDT token holding ETH address to your account.

3.2) Enter up to 10 SXDT token holding ETH addresses and click on Save Changes.

3.3) The saved ETH addresses will show up under Your ETH addresses.

3.4) In order to claim your rewards, select your SXDT token holding ETH address from the dropdown at the top. When the unclaimed ETH amount is populated with the amount you would receive at the end of the process, click on Claim now.

3.5) Select your withdrawal method. Example is brought to you using MetaMask.

3.6) MetaMask may ask you to enter your MetaMask password to open. Your MetaMask may also ask you to Connect your ETH address to the Rewards Portal.

3.7) Confirm the smart contract interaction in MetaMask. Please note that you are sending 0 ETH to the smart contract to trigger your Rewards withdrawal process. Also, please check the displayed maximum potential GAS fee before confirming the 0 ETH transaction, as the GAS fee will be taken from your ETH address ETH balance which means you would need to have a bit of ETH on your SXDT token holding ETH address to cover the GAS cost. The GAS fees are taken by the ETH blockchain participants, not us.

3.8) When the transaction is submitted to the ETH blockchain, you will get a notification of it in the bottom left corner.

3.9) Once the transaction is verified on the ETH blockchain, you will receive another notification about it at the bottom left corner.

4) Rewards history

You will see all your Reward claims under Your withdrawal history.

You can also check the details of the Reward claims by locating the TX Hash (you can acquire the withdrawal TX Hash from the Reward claim receipt) on any ETH blockchain explorer like

Please note that the transaction may take from a few minutes to a few hours to go through depending on network congestion.

Kindly send an email to with your transaction Hash and your email address if you face any issues.

Warning: The information contained in this post is not a solicitation to invest in or trade at U.S citizens are restricted from participating in any products and technical measures have been implemented to ensure these blocks remain in place.



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