Hatchworks visits the ‘’CES’’ event in Las Vegas!

In January, the Hatchworks team went to Las Vegas to visit CES, the world’s largest annual trade show for the tech industry. CES showcases manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems and more; it’s the show to reveal the defining products and breakthrough technologies for the year ahead, and has been doing so for 50 years.

Exhibiting were companies from all over the world, including popular names such as Samsung, LG, Hyundai, and many others — valued at over a billion dollars — who were demonstrating their impending technologies to an audience in excess of 182,000.

The S-A1 model — Hyundai and Uber team up to debut new flying taxis at CES.

Hyundai, the largest car manufacturer to change focus from the roads to the skies, is partnering with Uber to develop a concept for an air-taxi service in the future. The S-A1 model seats five people, including a pilot. Eventually, Hyundai hopes these will be able to travel autonomously. The main benefits are that it’ll take cars off the road and save people a lot of time.

Another highlight at CES was ‘’AI LG ThinQ’, a technology to predict and play a proactive role in the user’s life. Some examples, like a fridge for instance, can tell you when to buy milk, or a dressing room that picks the best outfits for your body type. Other technologies included LG’s s futuristic restaurant featuring LG CLOi robots. They’ll take care of all operations from taking orders, cooking, cleaning and serving. Eventually, users will be able to use the ThinQ app to make dinner reservations remotely and browse the menu via a smart speaker, smartphone or smart TV.

LG ThinQ — CLOi’s Table at CES.

In our quest to find small start-up companies with ‘’game changing’’ technologies (but still with relatively lower valuations), the event proved beneficial. The team spoke to a number of start-ups and have found several potential opportunities that are involved in AI and AR, consumer electronics and security, plus a few companies in the manufacturing sector. These will be explored more in the coming weeks, so watch this space; more details to be announced soon!

Top technology trends for 2020:

  • AI.
  • 5G data networks.
  • Autonomous Driving.
  • Blockchain Technology.
  • IOT.
  • Electric vehicles.
  • VR & AR.
  • Data and cybersecurity.

Overall, it proved to be a positive and productive week. The exciting new trends and technology at the 2020 show focused a lot on 5G phones, dual-screen laptops, 8K TVs, IOT, AI, electric vehicles and robots, shown with ever-greater levels of sophistication, and audio products taking power and performance to a whole new incredible level.

Mercedes-Benz VISION AVATAR at CES.

Current technologies are evolving faster than ever, and those that don’t keep up with the major tech trends run the risk of being left behind. It is therefore very important to understand current key trends to allow businesses and individuals alike to prepare and seize the opportunities.

The Hatchworks Team.


Legal Disclaimer — This report summary has been generated as a result of Hatchworks’ proprietary company vetting and filtering system. The level of due diligence conducted on investible assets conducted ranges from mediocre to significant, the latter being the case where Hatchworks has explicitly taken strategic positions in. By no means is the information in this file to be relied on as investment advice; this includes Hatchworks’ algorithmic composite score known as ‘Hatchscore’. Hatchworks has not received any compensation for this research. For more information you can reach us at info@hatchworksvc.com. This report is not for distribution in the United States of America. It is closed to U.S citizens. If you are a U.S. citizen, you should delete this report or return to sender.




Heading up the group’s R&D activities for Hatchworks.

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Oto Suvari

Oto Suvari

Heading up the group’s R&D activities for Hatchworks.

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