Following an earlier announcement on an energy driven buy-back, Spectre Exchange and Solar Oil detail a roadmap for the Beyond Oil™ initiative.

In August 2021, the teams behind the Beyond Oil™ initiative converged to finalize roadmap details for the launch of the Decentralized Autonomous Revenue Token (DART). This partnership will see Spectre Exchange (SPX), a regulated project the Hatchworks team advises and Solar Oil, a revolutionary application addressing ecological challenges, collaborate to modernise underproductive oil wells with eco-friendly technology.

As part of the Beyond Oil™ initiative, the DART will be the first and only project that tokenizes energy assets production…

Hatchworks has conducted due diligence on SolarEdge, a manufacturer of power inverters and a global leader in smart energy solutions operating in the renewable energy sector. It enables panels to generate more energy, reducing costs and increasing the ROI. The core products manufactured by SolarEdge include:

  1. Power Optimizer: Provides module-level maximum power point (MPP) tracking and real-time adjustments of current and voltage to the optimal working point of each individual PV module.
  2. PV Inverter: Specifically designed to work with the SolarEdge power optimizers making them less complicated and more cost efficient.
  3. PV Monitoring Platform: Provides enhanced maintenance of PV systems…

We are pleased to announce another satisfactory quarter of performance in the first quarter (April to June 2021) of our fourth financial year (2021/22), which reflect continued user growth and further platform performance/feature upgrades.

Y4 Q1 Full Results:

  • The total number of traders by the end of this quarter rose to 7,721 which is an increase of just under 18%.
  • There were nearly 2,000 users actively trading during this quarter (1,997 to be precise).
  • The total number of registrations, as of 30th June, stands at 110,715. From these 16,995 registered within this quarter alone.
  • Volume traded during this quarter was…

Hatchworks conducted due diligence on Mind Medicine, a neuropharmaceutical company. It develops, discovers and deploys psychedelic inspired medicines and therapies to help patients with depression, anxiety, addiction and other mental illness. Their treatments are based on psychedelic substances, like Psilocybin, LSD, MDMA, DMT and an Ibogaine derivative, 18-MC.

The interest in alternative psychedelic medicine has been on the rise lately. Some analysts see the industry bringing in $10.8B by 2027. Mental health is a big problem in America, with total spending on mental healthcare around $238B in 2020.

Psychedelic medicines, also known as ‘’hallucinogens’’, are a class of psychotropic substances…

On the 14th of June, 2021 released its updated Rewards portal for the holders of the SXDT tokens.

The updated Rewards portal is now connected to the long-awaited new smart contract, a smart contract that is a lot more cost-efficient when it comes to claiming Rewards while preserving the previous security features.

Upon release of the updated Rewards’ portal, the users will be able to see clearly the new layout that is more focused on the actions that are more important to them, ie claiming their rewards and monitoring the progress of the project. …

This is a guide how to claim rewards from the updated (June 2021) Rewards Portal and contains the following points:
1) Register an account
2) Submit KYC
3) Claim rewards — start with this step if you have previously claimed rewards
4) Rewards history

1) Register an account

If you already have an account, you can skip this step.

1.1) In order to register an account on the Spectre Rewards Portal, you need to access the registration page by following this link:

1.2) On the registration page, please fill out all the required fields. Don’t forget to read through the Terms & Conditions

We are pleased to announce end of year results for 2020 (year 3) which reflect continued user growth, platform performance upgrades and development.

In terms of growth, this is both our strongest Q4 and strongest year since we launched, and was driven by expansion across all unrestricted geographies, led by (but not limited to) Africa, Japan and other regions in Asia.

The last 12 months have been dominated by coronavirus, massive government stimulus packages, and cuts to interest rates. … is pleased to announce a partnership with and purchase of tokens in oil recovery project Solar Oil (SOP), which will see an energy-based-buyback-facility established for SXDT on Spectre Exchange and a yield-swap mechanism allowing SXDT token holders to swap between SXDT and SOPX, Solar Oil’s redemption token that is generated via daily oil production.

The backdrop

Despite the growth in green energy, oil is still considered to be the lifeblood of many industries. It is the world’s most important commodity, despite the turbulent economic times the industry faced in 2020. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) projects that by 2031 oil…

We are pleased to announce our NFT store on where gamers and Skillgaming aficionados can buy their favorite Skillgaming characters!

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are the latest craze for cryptocurrency lovers and have taken the art and gaming world by storm. Indeed, “NFT” has been flying around crypto headlines a lot recently following some record-breaking transactions involving millions of dollars.

NFTs are collectible digital assets, which hold value as a form of cryptocurrency. These cryptographic assets sit on the blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other. …

Hatchworks conducted due diligence on Vestas Wind Systems, a global leader in onshore wind energy that designs, manufactures and maintains wind turbines. It operates through the ‘’Power Solutions’’ and ‘’Service’’ segments.

The ‘’Power Solutions’’ segment, which includes developing, construction and installation of wind turbines accounts for 86% of their sales. Whereas, the ‘’Service’’ segment, which in addition to maintenance services, also includes the sale of replacement parts, accounts for 14% of their sales.

Oto Suvari

Heading up the group’s R&D activities for Hatchworks.

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